From our friends Cliff and Chris on their recent trip to Alaska:

“Just a big THANK YOU...for building us a really great trike.  The Roadsmith Trike operated great and had no problems.  We traveled 11,242 miles, rode thru 14 states, 4 providences and the Yukon Territory.  A very comfortable ride, and easy to handle trike.  No monkey butt on this machine during our 6 week ride.  Thanks for all you’ve done for us and the "BLACKTRIKE".


On behalf of the staff at 2-3-4, thanks for sharing your experience with us and welcome home! We’re thrilled that you had a safe and enjoyable adventure!

From Superpages.com:

“These guys are great!! They gave me a great deal on my trike. Being a women I've been ignored in most of the shops in the centre county region, but these guys truly spent time with me and answered all my questions. Plus, they worked hard putting together my trike in my price range!”

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Our Harley Trike


I am writing this letter mainly because I am usually on the other end of this situation and if you read on you will know what I mean. Right now I want to talk about dreams, and I don’t mean the ones you have at night. I mean the one that keeps your heart going, the ones you build on, the ones you wait and wait to materialize, and the ones you anticipate, but are never sure if you will ever achieve that dream, you know, “that dream of a life time”.

I take people hunting for part of my income and farm for the rest. When I take people hunting I know that for a lot of them just getting here is a dream come true, one they have built on for a long time, and as usual dreams are not cheap. Now you’ve put a lot of hard work into this dream not ever really knowing for sure if it would happen, like killing a monster whitetail buck. But then when it does happen and they harvest that buck of a life time, their dream is complete and they can reminisce on that moment forever while looking at their buck on the wall. Well this time the boot is on the other foot and I am the one that had a dream of a life time come true and what is even more special is that it was a dream of my wife’s also.

The final chapter of our dream started when we met a man about 14 years ago through my hunting business. His name was Tony Marrara, a chiropractor from central PA. We became very good friends through the years and really enjoyed each others dreams and getting to know each other. Tony was a good and honest man and I could see that in him. As time went on we accompanied each other many times on hunts out here in Kansas. Tony was in several different businesses and he actually got into one that I really wasn’t aware of for a year or so. Building trikes! The spring before last he brought out one of his trikes (the zebra) and let me take it for a spin. Wow, I was on cloud 9. He had no idea that my dream of a life time was to own a big bike. The sound of a Harley roaring down the road had given me goose bumps for years and I always envied that person.  After I got back from my ride he asked me if I liked it. I told him it was awesome. But then I could not believe the words that came out of his mouth. He said, “Hey, if you want us to build you a trike we can, and I could even bring it out to ya next fall when I come for deer season.” I was shocked when I heard this and told him that I would have to talk it over with my wife. After about a month of mulling it over between the three of us, God, my wife and me, we decided to have him do it. I called Tony up and said that we have decided to go through with it. We decided we weren’t getting any younger, our daughter was out of college and married and our son was working and in his third year of college and we needed something to do, together. Let me tell you folks, we can’t seem to get enough, this was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Doug Miles was actually the one in charge of building it. He and Tony are partners in the shop and I told Doug what I was looking for and he basically did the rest. I actually drew a picture of what I wanted but never showed it to Doug and guess what; it looks almost exactly like what I drew. They brought it out to us on Nov 11, 2010. It was absolutely beautiful. It is a 2003 Road King Classic with a Trog Motor Trike rear end. It has independent air ride suspension, heated handlebar grips, cruise control and lots of chrome. Our dream of a lifetime happened. We have now taken our trike into 12 states and have put over 12,000 miles on it our first year. Thank you so much 2-3-4 Motorsports. And Thank You God for this beautiful free country we have to ride in and for putting friends like Doug and Tony in our life.

Kurt & Michele Nunnenkamp, Altoona, KS

“The happiest Trike owners in Kansas”

p.s. Now I am the one that goes out and looks at my trike with tears in my eyes and I can’t believe he is mine. Just like our deer hunters do, they stare at that buck on their wall and say, “I can’t believe he’s mine”. Hmmmm!

Thank you so much for the kind words Kurt and Michele. We got into this business out of our love for motorcycles and it turns out, helping someone realize “that dream of a lifetime” is what makes it all worth it. Here’s to many happy miles and dreams to come! - 2-3-4 Motorsports

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